Putty Buddies® are our soft, comfortable silicone ear plugs available in two design options and come in a variety of colors.

Our Floating Putty Buddies® are just like our Original Formula except these ear plugs are made with our special, patented Flo-Tek® silicone formula. They float easily on water so they can always be found if dropped or dislodged!
The world's only soft moldable silicone floating earplugs!
Available in five bright neon colors: Blue, Hot Pink, Red, Green, Yellow and Orange as well as Tan.
Animal characters available with Floating Putty Buddies®: Bonzai Bear, Pool Princess, Leapin' Lizard, Awesome Possum, Soggy Froggy and Topsy Turtle. Tan comes without cartoon animal character on the carrying case.
  • Recommended by physician's for prevention of swimmer's ear or for kids with ear tubes
  • Softer silicone for a more comfortable fit
  • Tacky texture to allow plugs to remain in position better
  • Bright colors are appealing to kids - and easy to find in the pool or the bath



Floating Putty Buddies - Coloured Silicone Ear Plugs

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